Smarter Ways Mastermind

We've all seen masterminds, but there's nothing quite like Founder Fire. You're out there doing it every day with your business, testing things, trying new marketing strategies, creating new products... but imagine if you could spend less time and money on those things by learning from others? 

In this mastermind, you don't just benefit from the things you are doing, you are benefiting from what EVERYONE is doing. So you can grow your business faster, with less overwhelm and stress.


Our Founder Fire Mastermind is for ecommerce founders who have an existing business with potential to be a 7 or 8 figure business, or already have a 6, 7 or 8 Figure business.

We say 'potential' because not every founder who has what it takes to be a 7 or 8 figure business has the knowledge, time or resources to get there... But with access to the right knowledge, can get there faster than they think.

We also say 'potential' because not every founder is cut out to have a brand at that level, so we only accept those who pass our vetted application process & interview, because we want to keep our Founder Fire Mastermind refined and valuable for every member.

Our strength comes from our collective experience, and for the value of the group, we only accept those who fit a specific set of criteria: 

1) You must be a serious eCommerce Seller / Brand

So that we all benefit one another, everyone must be an established eCommerce brand that generates at least $10,000 per month in sales, with the vision and goal of becoming a multiple 7 and 8 figure brand. 

2) You Must Sell Legitimate Products

We aren't trying to make a quick buck, we are founders building brands that can leave a legacy for our loved ones. If you join Founder Fire, you must be committed to growing a business that cares about its customers and the quality of their products. 

3) You Must Be Open to Sharing and Learning

We are in this together! For Founder Fire to benefit everyone, you must be willing to share the wins and the losses, and you need to be excited to learn from other people. We share to help each other grow. If you have to brag to feel good about yourself, go do that somewhere else.


1 Live Mastermind Call Each Month

Led by Zack and featuring everything that's working collectively in 7 & 8 figure ecommerce stores, and in-the-moment strategies you may want to try in your business to keep up with changing times, new trends in online buying patterns, and advertising platform updates. 

1 Live Event Each Year

Get together with other Founder Fire members over a weekend retreat, and focus on deeper strategy & implementation. You'll really get to know each other, make connections, and have a great time. (Cost of event not included in mastermind fee)

Full Access To The Smart Founder Premium Online-Bootcamps

Our Monthly Online-Bootcamps are an incredibly rich resources available whenever you want to join. Our bootcamps focus on specific goals like optimizing Facebook ads, Email marketing, and more are worth over $12,000 per year.

The Exclusive Founder Fire Community

You're always getting your spark from Founder Fire. Any time you need to tap into the power of the group - before launching a new marketing campaign, before hiring an agency or team member, committing to a new software or deciding where to focus your time and energy. We're all here to help.


Female and Couple founded & owned online stores.


While we focus on profitable strategies for growing our ecommerce businesses, we believe more goes into creating a successful business you actually enjoy and are proud of...

So in addition to ecommerce growth strategies, you'll also find benefit: 

Systemizing For Headspace

We teach our strategies for systemizing essential pieces of the business that will give you clarity and headspace to steer your brand in the right direction. 

Mastering Mindset

Being a founder can sometimes take its toll on you, and limiting believes can often times hold us back from doing bigger things. Be motivated and inspired to master your passion and purpose, so you can do the seemingly impossible and never lose your love for the game.

Maintain Balance & Lifestyle

You want your business to make all aspects of your life better, not take over your life. The Founder Fire mastermind is your accountability and support to live a stronger personal life, and avoid letting the work wear you down. 


Founder Fire is only for people who align with the criteria listed above, so membership is only granted to approved founders.

Once accepted, our dues are $5,000 initiation fee the first month, and $800 monthly thereafter. This investment is non-negotiable.

If you think you're a good fit, and you're ready to make the investment to join the group... we would LOVE for you to apply! After you submit your application, a member of our team will contact you to chat about your membership. 

If you are accepted, there is no obligation to join - but we really hope you do!